Monday, April 21, 2014

Welcome to the Huntington Beach North Stake Emergency Preparedness and Bulk Food Program Website. 
The name of this website, "In the Midst of Affliction My Table is Spread" makes reference to LDS Hymn #108, "The Lord is My Shepherd", which in turn is inspired by Psalms 23. Both references remind us of how the Lord leads the willing sheep of his flock to safety, even in times of adversity. The Lord has forewarned his Saints to become prepared for the trials of these latter days, so that if we are prepared, we shall not fear (D&C 38:30).
This website is intended to help members and their friends and neighbors prepare for potential personal, family, or community emergencies, which may range from loss of employment to a prolonged utility outage, prolonged sickness of a bread winner, wildfires, floods, mudslides, severe windstorms, civil unrest, transportation strikes, or a major earthquake.
 The Bulk Food Program helps increase preparedness for future uncertainties by providing an easy and affordable way to gradually increase supplies of basic food commodities and to make available online recipes and periodic cooking classes to help you incorporate these food supplies into your normal meal planning so that your increased food storage is rotated and does not just sit unused until it eventually expires.

You are encouraged to explore this website resource and take advantage of the opportunity to easily acquire products from the Fountain Valley Home Storage Center. To order just click the ORDER HERE tab.  Categories of recipes are available along the left margin, the various pages of this website can be selected along the top of the page, and preparedness related YouTube videos can be selected from the right side of the web page. You are also welcome to post comments or questions about content on this website.
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